To all:

Heck.......What with all the stuff going on in the Middle East, and with the thought in mind of all those Clark Bars, gallons of milk & umpteen gallons of gasoline I've bought over the past thirty years in more convenience stores than I can remember, and nary a "Thank You"..... "Please Come Again"..... "Wow...!!!, Did Those Yanks Kick Ass Or Not Last Night...!!!".....or "Hope Ya Come Again".....from that whole middle eastern crowd from the other side of the cash register.....I'm all for gettin' over there to kick some major ass. Maybe it'll teach 'em all some level of manners........

But I'd be less of an American if I didn't share with all of you my own thoughts about the tragedy of September 11th, 2001.....

Did you know that the much shown video of Palistinian kids dancing in the streets was sparked when a team from the Israel Defense Ministry, loaded down with cameras & cash, walked into a local mart, handed the wad of cash to it's owner and asked him to pass out candy to the children...??? And all the kids and all the adults in the area thought that a good 'ole change of heart had just takin place. The video, of course, was released to Israel's controlling comrades of the US media.....As for the trusting Palistinian kids & adults? The days following, (as we sat transfixed to the tube on the WTC, Pentagon & Pennsylvania tragedy) would include tanks rolling onto their streets and the blasting of many of their homes The dead would include an 11 year old girl.

And do any of you really believe the feasability of people learning the workings of a massive air-liner by spending any length of time in both a simulater and tiny fix-wing air-craft and thus having the ability to thread a needle, at full throttle, not once.....not twice.....but three times...??? Even the most seasoned air-line pilots need some level of ground & navigational support for a simple landing. And they ALL functioned as co-pilot for many months before becoming a pilot (Captain), sensing that they were confident enough to take control of a massive air-liner... Something, folks, "Smells In Who Ville". Those wings dipping at the last few seconds before impact, to ensure the most possible damage, to this guy, had the touch of well trained, well-seasoned, professional fighter pilots......


Somewhere, someplace, you'll find the families of 19 Israeli fanatics, pilots & navigators who are living high off the stinkin' hog, paid for by the Israeli government for the extreme sacrifice made by their kinfolk.....

And soon after, amid the thousands of tons of debris, "Viola!!!" We've got a readable Arabic passport from that burning wreckage to pass along to authorities...???

And a rental car is found at an airport with contents including both a copy of the Koran and a flight manual depicting the inner workings of a massive airliner.

I don't know about you guys, but to buy the story we're all being fed by the main-stream media, to believe that a bunch of guys, fresh out of a simulator & a Piper Cub, could perform the acts of precision we all witnessed on September 11th, to believe that any one of us during Senior Year of High School, fresh out of a simulator at Drivers Ed, and after a few months riding around the neighborhood could immediately enter, perform & complete a race at the Indianapolis 500......AND WIN IT!!!


Perhaps I'll stand corrected on some of my thoughts and, granted, Osama bin Laden and all those "dips" of the Taliban he hangs out with also have to be dealt with, but this guy's suggestion is patience. And don't forget that this incredible nation was founded upon CHRISTIAN ETHICS!!!!!

Semper Fi,
Mike Regan


Safety, Happiness and Security to the "Spirits" of all the victims of the "911" disaster. And the same to their families and the awesome firefighters, police officers, hard-hats & medical personel. The fact that their suffering & strength has brought both our nation and almost the entire world together has made them all the TRUE HEROES of our time. We are truly blessed by they're presence

Keep Safe & Keep The Faith
Mike Regan

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