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  • The Daily Grail
    Are you getting yours? Another great site, these gentlemen really keep on top of things, regardless of their own opinions of themselves.
  • The Noise Room
    One of my favorites, this site is not updated as much as it was in the past. Still worth a look.
  • Atlantis Rising Magazine
    This magazine covers everything in the world of Alternative Science. Free downloadable PDF issues, plus articles from back issues so you can decide if you want to download or get a subscription.
  • The BBC online news desk
    For those of you stateside, you may not know the BBC reports many items of interest the USA does not.
  • Dr. Brainz Lab of Knowledge
    All sorts of alternative science topics.
  • Euthopia Foundation Alternative Science Theories
    A collection of theories on ways to reduce cost, provide alternative energy, solve food shortages, and many more theories.
  • Alternative Science
    Challenging the myths of the scientific establishment - including neo-Darwinism - by controversial writer, journalist and broadcaster Richard Milton.
  • Distant Psychic Healing and Metaphysics
    Alternative science site with features in many areas including alternative wellness. Metaphysical virtual school. Free monthly newsletter. Free occult readings.
  • Plasticine.com
    E-publisher concentrating on alternative science, history and medicine. Rocket, Softbook and PDF formats.
  • Predictive Deduction
    An alternative proposal for more rigorous science.
  • Futurre Science
    Alternative, new or overlooked propulsion systems. From man made concepts to UFOs.
  • US Psionics: Mainstream and Alternative Research
    Research Includes: Numerology, Radionics, Millennial Studies. Links to Astronomy, UFO, and Alternative Science Sites.
  • The X-Pile
    Alternative science articles posted every week.
  • Non-Orgone Energy Topics
    Collection of alternative science Internet links.
  • Forbidden Knowledge
    Alternative and paranormal news. Not sure of the site's sources.
  • Homepage of Don Barone
    If ever a website were to be listed as a potpourri, Don's page would be the page. Highly recommended.

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