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The Hall of Records
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Warren Commission Essay by Michael Regan







  • Excellent web bookstore.
    Hidden Mysteries specializes in rare, hard to find books, including some that are out of print. There are a large amount of books written on the Hall of Records.
  • Edgar Cayce
    The sleeping psychic made the prediction that the Hall of Records would be opened in 1998. Was it?
  • Larry Hunter's home page
    If you've never heard of Larry Hunter or his ordeal at Giza... well, I envy you.
  • One individual's "proof" of the existence of the Hall of Records
  • Another "opinion" page.
    Somewhere amongst the (pardon my language) BULLSHIT on this page, there is a small sum of useful information. To be scientific in one's search for the true, all data must be noted, however opinionated it may seem at the time.
  • EdgarCayce.com
  • Another Hall of Records theory.
  • The Noise Room
    This place really has it all.
  • The Hall of Records website
    It's not exactly up and running. Scroll down once your there, though. Lots of links!
  • Another "Cayce" study on what lies within the Hall of Records.
  • Peter Vanderzwet's personal site.
    While I don't personally care for this man's company, he has an excellent web site.
  • The location of the Hall of Records as revealed through the use of geometry.
    Very original.

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