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"I might venture a theory at which your sure to hoot."
--Niles Krane
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  • Area-X
    This site has been massively overhauled. Now my all-time favorite.
  • Conspire.com
    I usually go for the underground-style sites, but there's just so much information here.
  • "The Konformist"
    Another large conspiracy web site.
  • ConspiraCity
    One of my favorites.
  • The 27 Conspiracy
    I have no idea where this "conspiracy" originated, but it's interesting nonetheless.
  • Feral House Publishing
    All the conspiracy-related literature you could ever want is on sale here.
  • Conspiracies and Extremism
    About.com look at extremism, cults, terrorism, hate groups, government plots, and coverups.
  • AlternaMind
    UFO, UN, and New World Order conspiracies.
  • Parascope Ezine
    Information about assassinations, cover-ups, new world order and the Illuminati. Has an area for investigative reports on conspiracies, crimes and political developments.
  • Web Conspiracy - If You Believe
    Weekly Conspiracies; true or not, you be the judge.
  • Psychobunny's Conspiracies - Collection of paranoid conspiracies which expose the evil plans of Aliens and Government.
  • The Spook House
    Source for conspiracies, Big Brother, intelligence agency profiles and FOIA help.
  • Circling the Square
    Dark conspiracies, fiendish plots, and end-times paranoia.
  • Weirdload
    Essays from the edge, covering secrets and conspiracies from those involving the Roman Catholic Church to UFOs, space and metaphysics.
  • The Voyager Mission
    Theories about the Face on Mars and NASA conspiracies.
  • Conspiracy Theories and Global Threats
    List of conspiracy sites.
  • The Invasion is Over
    Tales of alien abductions, conspiracies,etc
  • Gonzo Links
    "Your online guide to millennial America....the best of the broadband apocalypse." Paranoia with attitude. A witty collection of links to sites about conspiracies, apocolypse and other fallout of the millenium.
  • Pearl Harbor - Mother of All Conspiracies
    Site presents evidence that FDR and others in the United States government knew of the pending Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, which brought the United States into the Second World War.
  • Etemenanki
    Formely know as "Prophetic Insights" The main subjects discussed are, though not limited to, hidden history/reality of Earth, mythology, symbology, prophecies, ancient/esoteric traditions, Atlantis, Mars, secret societies, grand conspiracies, etc.
  • Christian Defense League
    Seeks to "expose" various conspiracies involving Nazis, Catholics, Cecil Rhodes, the Trilateral Commission, Episcopalians, Masons, the British nobility, the "Black Nobility," neo-conservatives, Greens, Jews, Communists, the IMF, and various agents of the United States Government. You know, all those non-Christian bad guys.
  • Pushhamburger.com
    Large site, tons of info, zero frills. Don't go here unless you are ready to do some heavy reading.
  • Truthnet International
    The "truth" hurts... if you're willing to believe it.

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