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  • Megalith Map
    Clickable map of the stone circles of Great Britain and Ireland. Absolutely wonderful.
  • Stone Circle Webring Home Page.
    Even Graham Hancock is a member. Why this is so, I am not sure. It's a good place to look for great stone circle sites, though.
  • Stone Circles of Cumbria
    Stone Circles of Cumbria - part of a personal guide to the stone circles of Britain.
  • Stone Circles In Angus and Perthshire
    Some of the stone circles, standing stones and other sites of antiquity in the counties of Angus and Perthshire.
  • Cumbria Stone Circles
    A guide with photographs to some of the stone circles in Cumbria.
  • Megalithic Structures, a fieldtrip
    "Stone circles appear to have been constructed with astronomical considerations in mind. Over the past 9 years, I have visited, photographed, and made measurements of over 300 stone circles in Great Britain and Ireland..."
  • Cumbria - The Lake District - Stone Circles
    A guide to the stone circles, henge monuments and other megalithic sites in Cumbria and the English Lake District.
  • Stonehenge by Night, featuring Ancient Sites under threat
    Details of stone circles and other prehistoric monuments threatend with development, and what you can do to help. Includes freely usable images of Stonehenge
  • Stone Circles of Cumbria
    The Cumbrian section of the site 'Selected Stone Circles' by Ian Goodall. No information - just large photographs.
  • Neolithic, Bronze Age and Pictish Sites of North East Scotland
    Neolithic, Bronze Age and Pictish Sites of North East Scotland (Aberdeenshire) The following pages illustrate some of the stone circles and carved stones that are to be found throughout Scotland.
  • Scientific Circles of Stone, Karla Healy's Project
    The main intention of this page is to introduce you to the complex minds of what was once perceived a simple society. While they may not have held the same concepts of astronomy and geometry as we do today, it is obvious that they utilised, to the best of their ability, basic theories on 'true' circle production and celestial alignments.
  • Stone Circles and Antiquities
    Amateur enthusiast Chris Collyer provides an introduction to henges, hillforts and other ancient monuments. Use the interactive map or the index to find photographs and brief descriptions. Distribution maps of types of monument.
  • Needles Of Stone
    Web publication of a 1970s book by Tom Graves which proposed a purpose for stone circles, standing stones and megalithic remains - from a dowsing/acupuncture viewpoint
  • Stone Circles and other antiquities of Britain
    Observations on sites of this sort the author has visitited, with photographs. He suggests that stone circles were community centers, for seasonal fairs, etc.
  • Recumbent Stone Circles in North East Scotland
    Recumbent Stone Circles are a distinctive type of stone circle found in North East Scotland. Two stones, often the tallest ones, flank a large recumbent stone lying on its side, weighing many tons.
  • EarthRod Productions: Unravelling the Mysteries of the Earth
    Discover the mysteries of mazes, stone circles, megaliths, hill figures and the cover-up surrounding unidentified flying objects.
  • Stone Pages
    The Stone Pages is a Web site devoted to the megalithic sites of Europe: stone circles, standing stones, dolmens, stone rows and other prehistoric monuments, including (of course) Stonehenge. On these pages you may find many photographs, along with descriptions about the sites, travel and photographic tips, QTVR panoramic movies, maps and much more...

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