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Ufos and Paranormal
Please note: I have created a separate page for the ghost links. However, some of the sites are still listed here for the simple fact that their content is more ufo-related than ghostly.

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Ufos and Paranormal


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  • South Carolina UFO Reporting Site
    This page serves as a collection point for UFO sightings in and around South Carolina and promotes a general discussion about UFO's, Extraterrestrial Intelligence, Conspiracies and Government Coverups. User feedback is welcome.
  • Cosmic Conspiracies
    Over 100 pages on UFOs.
  • Cosmic Conspiracies Too
    A comprehensive overview of the field of ufology, including film footage, cutting edge debate, news, sightings and new theories.
  • SetLab
    UFO photos, aliens, government conspiracies and alien photos. Also a place to report sightings.
  • International Ufo Congress
  • Ufo film downloads
    Courtesy of Area-X.
  • A copy of UFO Magazine from 1967
    Entire contents online.
  • Panspermia artcile
    What do you mean you don't know what panspermia is??
  • AboveBlack.com
    An excellent book. This site gives only a few chapters (if it hasn't been changed). Go to Amazon.com to buy it.
  • Space.com article
    A meteorite from Mars is found on Earth, with a little surprise inside.
  • Art Bell Home Page
  • The Supernatural Zone
  • Paraweb Online
    Large database of paranormal web sites which focus on aliens, conspiracy, strange creatures, ghosts, haunted places, psychics, ufos, and other odd topics.
  • Aliens, Ufos, and Other Stuff
    Contains pictures and stories about aliens, crop circles, Ufos, and eclipses.
  • Ufos & Aliens
    A collection of videos and pictures of Ufos.
  • Aliens and Other Weirdness
    Starting point for research into Ufos, aliens, and parapsychology.
  • Bunny's Cool Paranormal Links
    A guide to some general paranormal pages; which include ufos, Bigfoot, ghosts, aliens, crop circles, chupacabra. Offers an award for excellence.
  • Ufos and Space Mysteries
    Ufos, aliens, anomalies, mars, moon, ancient artifacts, personal contact story, news, space weather,and links.
  • ParaLinks
    A collection mainly focusing on the areas of cryptozoology, ghosts, ufos, aliens, Atlantis, prophets, and psychics.
  • Ufos/Aliens from about.com Guide
    The penultimate UFO information site on the WWW. Weekly features, UFO Timeline, thousands of links, latest UFO sightings, UFO sightings database, Bulletin Board, Chat, and more!
  • The Unexplained
    Site about the paranormal. It includes ufos, sightings, aliens, Area 51, Roswell and Gulf Breeze.
  • Paranormal Parlor at CuriOddities
    Astrology, ghosts, hauntings, vampires, parapsychology, aliens, and ufos.
  • UFO Paradise
    Pictures, movies, and information about aliens and ufos.
  • Hyperdigm Industries
    News, images, and videos of aliens, ufos, Chupacabra, Sasquatch, and secret underground bases.
  • Aliens and Ufos Among Us
    Reasons why alien visitations are thought to exist, from ancient history to the present.
  • Aliens & Antichrist - Links from angels, aliens, UFOs and crop circles to Mars and satan.<
  • The Truth
    Joe Firmage's massive online book explaining his hypothesis about ufos and the possible intervention of aliens in mankind's history, biology, and religion.
  • Watcher Website
    Articles on aliens, angels, antichrist, demons, Sphinx, Cydonia, Mars, pyramids and crop circles.
  • Alien Link
    Free reports on aliens and ufo encounters, dramatic alien screen savers and wallpaper, books on aliens and ufos.
  • John Lear
    Who is John Lear and what are his claims about ufos? Ufo/Aliens Guide Loy Lawhon.
  • Soylent Beanz
    Cryptozoology, aliens, ufos, and other paranormal stuff.
  • UFO Believer Store
    T-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs and mousepads with ufos, aliens, and crop circles.
  • UFO Picture Archive
    Contains pictures and photos of ufos, crop circles and alien autopsies.
  • Phenomenon - The Mysterious and Unexplained
    About mysteries, ufos, aliens, and lost civilizations.
  • T-Files
    Animated gifs of aliens and ufos to adopt and place on your own homepage.
  • X-Files and The Paranormal
    Cast information, pictures, plus pictures of ufos, aliens, and ghosts.
  • Ufos and Extraterrestrials
    Devoted to Ufo and Ufo related web sites. Many areas of Ufology are covered, including; aliens, saucers, cattle mutilations, government involvement, Area 51. Has links to UFO reports, investigations of sightings, pictures, videos. Also contains a newsgroup list, some web rings, and other UFO related information.
  • Martian Arts
    How do crop circles appear in fields? Are they the landing sites of flying saucers, ufos, aliens? This video gives the (not so serious) answer!
  • Kidnapped by Ufos? (PBS Online).
    Believers and skeptics, including Carl Sagan, explore case histories of alien abductions.
  • Weltverschwörung
    Aliens, Ufos, Phänomenene - hier erfahren Sie [eine] ganze Wahrheit. *Note: site is in German, no translation*
  • The Truth is Here
    Evidence of aliens and ufos, and of the government's conspiracy dating back to the Roswell incident.
  • Cutting Edge 6-Step Attitudinal change plan
    Detailed description of how a society may be "de-sensitized" to believe anything that is put to us, if the following steps are used. Centers on conditioning to believe in aliens and ufos, links back to other topics this is used for.
  • Alienwar.com
    AlienWar.com details suppressed and covered-up information on aliens (why they are here, what they are doing) and highly classified, top-secret data on their ufos.
  • Eastern Kentucky Paranormal Investigations Group
    There is a large amount of paranormal activity happening in this area. This website is a necessity. Here you can join the EKPIG. There is also a large gallery of photos.

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